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Characterization of the impact of MYBBP1A gene and rs3809849 on asparaginase sensitivity and cellular functions: Supplementary material.docx

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posted on 2022-04-29, 12:01 authored by Rachid Abaji, Vincent Roux, Ismahène Reguieg Yssaad, Paloma Kalegari, Vincent Gagné, Romain Gioia, Gerardo Ferbeyre, Christian Beauséjour, Maja Krajinovic


Supplemental   Figure S1. Production of Cas9 expressing, & MYBBP1A gene knock-out PANC1   cell lines.

Supplemental   Figure S2. Production of MYBBP1A gene knock-out in Cas9 expressing NALM6 cell   line.

Supplemental   Figure S3. INDEL spectrum and TIDE analysis of the efficacy of the knock-in   experiments performed to produce the a) PANC1-Cas9-MYBBP1A-Gln8-His8 and b)   NALM6-Cas9-mybbp1a-rs38098449-MUT cell lines.

Supplemental   Figure S4. Illustration of the general construct of the pLenti plasmid   vectors used for the transfection of the PANC1 cells.

Supplemental   Figure S5. In-vitro sensitivity to asparaginase and vincristine in relation   to MYBBP1A gene knock-out 96 hours post incubation with a) asparaginase   (ASNase) or b) vincristine (VCR).

Supplemental   Figure S6. Steps used in the validation and clonal selection of MYBBP1A   overexpressing vectors in PANC1 cell lines.

Supplemental   Figure S7. Association of MYBBP1A gene expression levels with survival   probability in different types of cancer.

Supplemental   Figure S8. Relative expression of p53 in response to MYBBP1A gene deletion   and asparaginase exposure.

Supplemental   Figure S9. Association between rs3809849 and the expression of GGT6 gene   based on the genotype.

Supplemental   Table S1. List of primers used for qPCR

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