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Supplementary table and figure for Methodology for the At-Home Collection of Urine Samples for Prostate Cancer Detection

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posted on 2019-11-29, 08:49 authored by Martyn Webb, Kate Manley, Mireia Olivan, Ingrid Guldvik, Malgorzata Palczynska, Rachel Hurst, Shea P. Connell, Ian G. Mills, Daniel S. Brewer, Robert Mills, Colin Cooper, Jeremy Clark

Supplementary Table 1. A comparison of HiVE with published Urine RNA extraction methods.

Supplementary Figure 1. Small RNA size range and yield. A) HiVE small RNA (HiVE-sRNA) yields from 10 urine samples (10ml extracted). B) Example Bioanalyzer trace from one representative sRNA sample. On the x-axis, ‘nt’ stands for nucleotides. The spike at 4nt is an internal standard used in the Bioanalyzer analysis.


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