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Supplementary Materials. Review and estimation of disutility for joint health states of severe and non-severe hypoglycemic events in diabetes

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posted on 2021-07-21, 14:05 authored by Xuanqian Xie, Jennifer D. Guo, Karen E Bremner, Myra Wang, Baiju R Shah, Andrei Volodin
Supplementary Material 1. Literature Search Strategies.

Supplementary Material 2. Methods of estimating disutility of the joint four health states: daytime NSHE, nocturnal NSHE, daytime SHE, and nocturnal SHE.

Supplementary Material 3. Estimation of Disutility for Joint Two Health States of SHEs and NSHEs.

Supplementary Material 4. Disutility Data for Construct Validity.

Supplementary Material 5. Details of Studies Included in Literature Review.