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Supplementary data: Real-world evidence of sustained improvement following 60-day peripheral nerve stimulation treatment for pain: a cross-sectional follow-up survey

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posted on 2022-05-05, 07:00 authored by Matthew J. Pingree, Mark FB Hurdle, David A Spinner, Ali Valimahomed, Nathan D Crosby, Joseph W Boggs

Supplementary survey


This study was supported by SPR Therapeutics. MJ Pingree, MFB Hurdle, DA Spinner and A Valimahomed are consultants to the World Academy of PainMedicine United (WAPMU),which receives support fromSPR Therapeutics. DA Spinner and A Valimahomed are consultants to SPR Therapeutics. ND Crosby and JW Boggs are employees of and hold stock options in SPR Therapeutics.