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nnm-2021-0323 Supplementary data - Nanocrystalline chloroxine possesses broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities and excellent skin tolerability in mice

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posted on 2022-01-11, 09:42 authored by Jiří Trousil, Jana Matějková, You-Shan Dai, Tomáš Urbánek, Miroslav Šlouf, Miša Škorič, Tomáš Nejedlý, Martin Hrubý, Jia-You Fang

Figure S1 Representative H&E-stained section of mouse skin and a description of the morphological structures. A Brij 700-treated mouse skin (sham control) section is shown. Yellow arrowhead – normal epidermis with superficial keratinization; black arrowheads – normal sebaceous glands; green arrowhead – hairs on a transversal section inside a hair follicle; black asterisk – normal dermis formed by fibrous collagenous tissue; red arrowhead – normal hair follicles and the wall of a hair follicle on a transversal section; black four-pointed star – normal subcutaneous adipose and loose connective tissue; red eight-pointed star – muscular layer with underlying loose connective tissue. Scale bar: 100 µm.


J.T. acknowledges financial support from the Czech Academy of Sciences (project No. MSM200502101). M.H. acknowledges financial support from the Czech Science Foundation (grant No. 21-01090S). The antimicrobial testing part at the Military Health Institute laboratories was supported by funding from the project of Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic through a Long-term organization development plan No. 907930101413.