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posted on 2021-09-16, 09:28 authored by Amanda de Fraga Dias, Danieli Rosane Dallemole, Franciele Aline Bruinsmann, Luiz Fernando Lopes Silva, Olga Cruz-López, Ana Conejo-García, Ana Maria Oliveira Battastini, Joaquín María Campos, Silvia Stanisçuaski Guterres, Adriana Raffin Pohlmann, Fabrício Figueiró

Supplementary Figure 2. Cotreatment with TMZ-BZP-LNC+ reduces the tumor size but presents toxic effects related to intranasal administration in the lungs. (A) Timeline of the experiment and therapeutic scheme employed (B) Tumor size quantification of implanted gliomas (C) Images of animal lungs. The values are represented as means ± S.D. of 4 animals per group. (*p<0.05 **p<0.01 significantly different from the CTRL).


Funding This study is supported by CNPq (AF Dias fellowship and CNPq/PQ no. 302879/2017-0, AMO Battastini grant), FAPERGS (FAPERGS/PQG grant no. 19/2551-0001783-9; ARD grant no. 19/2551-0001269-1 and PRONEX no. 16-2551-0000467-6) and INCT/CNPq/CAPES/ FAPERGS grant no. 465671/2014-4).