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fsoa-2021-0060GA.jpg: Combination of Urinary Fibrinogen β-Chain and Tyrosine-Phosphorylated Proteins for the Detection of Bladder Cancer

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posted on 2021-10-15, 13:53 authored by Giuliana Giribaldi, Claudia Filippini, Clara Viberti, Amina Khadjavi, Nicole Finesso, Daniela Ulliers, Stefano Turini, Bruno Emilio Bressan, Francesca Pecoraro, Mauro Prato, Alessandra Allione, Matteo De Bellis, Gabriele Montefusco, Marco Allasia, Giuseppe Matullo, Francesco Soria, Paolo Gontero


Aim: To evaluate the performance of urinary fibrinogen β-chain (FBC), and the association of FBC and urinary tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins (UPY) as diagnostic biomarkers. Methods: 164 subjects were included. Results: FBC and UPY levels have shown a significant difference between BCa patients vs controls and discriminate between low-grade and high-grade cancers. The diagnostic accuracy was 0.84 for FBC and 0.87 for UPY. The combination of FBC and UPY improved the accuracy (0.91). The addition of clinical variables (age, gender, and smoking habit) to FBC and UPY significantly improved the accuracy (AUC 0.99). Conclusions: This model reached the highest sensitivity and a good specificity and can be proposed as biomarker for BCa diagnosis.


This study was supported by the CRT Foundation Grant (Italy) Progetti Ordinari 2015, Cod. ROL 46644 to G.G. and P.G.