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posted on 2022-07-26, 08:36 authored by Victor M. Balcão, Aakash Basu, Basilio Cieza, Fernando N Rossi, Carla Pereira, Marta MDC Vila, Jo˜ao C Setubal, Taekjip Ha, Aline Maria da Silva

Aim: To unveil a putative correlation between phage genome flexibility and virion morphogenesis yield.

Materials & methods: A deeper analysis of the mechanical properties of three Pseudomonas aeruginosa

lytic phage genomes was undertaken, together with full genome cyclizability calculations. Results &

conclusion: A putative correlation was established among phage genome flexibility, eclipse timeframe

and virion particle morphogenesis yield, with a more flexible phage genome leading to a higher burst

size and a more rigid phage genome leading to lower burst sizes. The results obtained are highly relevant

to understand the influence of the phage genome plasticity on the virion morphogenesis yield inside the

infected bacterial host cells and assumes particular relevance in the actual context of bacterial resistance

to antibiotics.