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posted on 2021-08-27, 08:20 authored by Figshare Future Science GroupFigshare Future Science Group, Han guang Hu, Dehao Wu, Xibo Liu, Haifeng Yu, Junxi Xu, Wen Cai, Yanqin Huang, Rui Bai, Jiawei Zhang, Ying Gu, Shu Zheng, Weiting Ge
Correlation of DNA methylation state of specific CpG site located within the promoter (a) or the first exon (b) of SPARCL1 and SPARCL1 mRNA levels. The mRNA levels were measured by illuminaHiSeq, and the methylation states were measured by Methylation450 Bead Chip (450K). r and P values are indicated on the graph. Data were extracted from the UCSC Xena database.