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posted on 2021-08-27, 10:36 authored by Taylor & FrancisTaylor & Francis, Yajie Zhao, Chunrui Pu, Dechuang Jiao, Jiujun Zhu, Xuhui Guo, Zhenzhen Liu

Somatic mutation and copy number variation events in TNBC subgroups

(A) Waterfall plots corresponding to the distributions of the top 25 most commonly mutated genes in the two TNBC subtypes. The mutational type include frame shift del, frame shift ins, in frame del, in frame ins, missense mutation, multi hit, nonsense mutation and splice site. Each column represented individual patients. (B) GISTIC plots corresponding to genomic regions harboring CNVs in the TCGA-TNBC cohort, with gains and losses being shown in red and blue, respectively, for Group 1 (left) and Group 2 (right).