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posted on 2021-09-22, 12:50 authored by Haoya Xu, Xianli Li, Shengtan Wang, Feifei Li, Jian Gao, Limei Yan, Liancheng Zhu

Supplementary Figure 1. Genetic variation analysis of pathway-related genes in TCGA-OV, TCGA-CESC, and TCGA-UCEC datasets. (A) Genetic variation status of all 140 pathway-related genes in TCGA-OV database. The box above represents the proportion of variation type across genes in each sample. The box on the left represents the percentage of the overall variation type for each gene in all samples. Different types of genetic variations are marked by different colors. (C) Genetic variation status of m6A regulatory factor-related genes from each pathway in the three cancer datasets (TCGA-OV, TCGA-CESC, and TCGA-UCEC). The number in each cell represents the number of variant samples per gene in all samples corresponding to the cancer dataset. The color intensity of cells represents the ratio of variation in a gene for the corresponding dataset. Different types of genetic variations are marked by different colors.

TCGA-OV: TCGA ovarian cancer, TCGA-CESC: TCGA cervical cancer, TCGA-UCEC: TCGA endometrioid cancer.


National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Science Foundation (No. 81602438)

345 Talent Project of Shengjing Hospital.