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Ultradiluted Eupatorium perfoliatumalleviates DENV-induced fibrosis byregulation of TGFβ1, MMP-9 and interferons: supplementary figure

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posted on 2023-09-07, 15:30 authored by Avipsha Sarkar, Anirban Roy, Madhulina Maity, Debadatta Nayak, Satadal Das

Aim: This study aimed to alleviate dengue virus (DENV)-mediated fibrosis in a chick embryo model using

ultradiluted Eupatorium perfoliatum (UEP). Materials & methods: Chorioallantoic membrane and liver

of infected embryonated chicken eggs were checked for DENV pathogenesis. Cytotoxicity of UEP was

assessed by MTT and scratch assay. Cytopathic assay after DENV infection was performed in vitro to

check the effect of UEP and its constituents. Histopathology analysis revealed DENV-mediated fibrosis

and the effect of UEP. qRT-PCR and gelatin zymography showed levels of fibrosis-causing genes. Results:

UEP showed low cytotoxicity and maximum potential in mitigating DENV-mediated fibrosis in vivo via

regulation of fibrosis biomarkers TGF-β, MMP-1, MMP-9, TIMP-1 and IFNs. Conclusion: UEP may be

considered to alleviate DENV-mediated pathogenesis.