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Supplementary information for: 3D-printable cell crowding device enables imaging of live cells in compression: Dish_Holder.STL

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posted on 2020-02-26, 15:43 authored by Liam P. Dow, Aimal H. Khankhel, John Abram, Megan T. Valentine

Figure S1. Cell density along the axis of compression increased approximately 20%, from 14.0± 0.5 to 16.6 ± 0.9. Error bars indicate standard error of the mean. Cells were counted using the maximum intensity projections of the Hoechst channel before and after crowding

Figure S2. Exploded view of the assembled device, with annotation numbers as described in Tables S1 and S2. Since some regions of this device experience high localized stress during tension, the 3-D printed components included structural support features such as side ribs (1)for the base plate and gussets for the indenter (5, in inset).

Table S1: 3-D Printed Parts

Table S2: McMaster-Carr Parts