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Supplementary figures: Real-world association of HER2/ERBB2 concordance with trastuzumab clinical benefit in advanced esophagogastric cancer.docx

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posted on 31.08.2021, 10:18 by Stacey M. Stein, Jeremy Snider, Siraj M. Ali, Rebecca A. Miksad, Brian M. Alexander, Emily Castellanos, Alexa B. Schrock, Russell Madison, Akshay Swaminathan, Jeffrey M. Venstrom, Margaret McCusker

Supplemental figure 1: Cohort attrition

Supplemental Figure 2: TTD and OS by IHC status for HER2 ISH+ patients with IHC results (n = 38)

Supplemental figure 3: TTD and OS by KRAS status