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Supplementary figure.png: Coexpression network analysis identified lncRNAs-mRNAs with potential relevance in African ancestry prostate cancer

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posted on 2021-10-29, 14:18 authored by Rafael Parra-Medina, Liliana López-Kleine, Sandra Ramirez-Clavijo, César Payán-Gómez

Co-expression network of DE mRNA and lncRNA in EA tumour samples. lncRNA are marked in red and mRNA are marked in blue. Three networks with more than 8 nodes of co-expressed genes are shows. Only one network co-expressed lncRNA (four lncRNA). Two tightly connected networks of the same family of genes (PCDHA) and TBC1D3). One quartets network was with only lncRNA co-expressed and the other had three lncRNA. Among the five trios networks, one had two lncRNA co-expressed and two networks co-expressed one ncRNA. Small networks with fewer than two nodes are not shown.