Supplementary figure S6. Electrochemical methods for probing DNA damage mechanisms and designing cisplatin-based combination chemotherapy

Figure S6. The effect of PEG-rGO on DNA damage. CV curves of 500 µM dGMP mixed with 500 µM cisplatin and (a) 0.15 mg/ml, (b) 0.75 mg/ml PEG-rGO at various time points (scan rate: 20 mV/s). (c) Oxidation peak values. (d) Reaction kinetics study of 500 µM dGMP mixed with 500 µM cisplatin, 500 µM Cisplatin+ 0.15 mg/ml PEG-rGO and 500 µM CDDP+ 0.75 mg/ml PEG-rGO over time.

Figure S6 shows that the reaction rate remained unchanged with the introduction of PEG-rGO. Therefore the conclusion is that PEG-rGO doesn’t promote dGMP damage.