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Supplementary figure: Meta-analysis of race and age influence on the vaginal microbiome in pregnant and nonpregnant healthy women

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posted on 2022-08-11, 14:46 authored by Zahra G Hotkani, Samira Ghaedmohammadi, Najmeh Mozdoori

Aim: The presence of microbial species in reproductive tubes plays an essential protective role against the

proliferation of harmful organisms and is an important factor in reproductive health. High-throughput

culture-independent technologies allow the study of the vaginal microbiome on a large scale. This study

aimed to compare the vaginal microbiota between pregnant and nonpregnant women of different ages

and races using the meta-analysis method. Materials & methods: Seven articles with 16S rRNA gene

sequences were studied and analyzed using CLC Genomics Workbench 20.1.1. Results & conclusion: This

study revealed new insights into the effects of age and ethnicity on the pregnant and nonpregnant

vaginal microbiome and found that the microbiome of Chinese women is more distinct than that of other



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