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Supplementary figure: DNA recovery from Droplet Digital PCR emulsions using Liquid Nitrogen

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posted on 2020-10-26, 14:43 authored by Lara Dutra, Ole Franz, Veli-Mikko Puupponen, Marja Tiirola
Supplementary figure 1 – Applicability of LN2 method to break ddPCR emulsion. ddPCR reactions were prepared with ddPCR™ Supermix for Probes (no dUTP) and Droplet Generation Oil for Probes (three tubes on the left) or ddPCR™ Supermix for EvaGreen® and Droplet Generation Oil for EvaGreen® (three tubes on the right). The tubes (A) and (D) show the emulsion before using LN2 method, and tubes (B), (C), (E) and (F) shows the oil and water layers after breaking the emulsion.