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Supplementary figure 1. A mismatch-tolerant RT-quantitative PCR: application to broad-spectrum detection of respiratory syncytial virus

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posted on 2019-04-17, 09:13 authored by Yingxue Li, Zhenzhou Wan, Yihong Hu, Yi Zhou, Qin Chen, Chiyu Zhang
Comparison of the new mismatch-tolerant RT-qPCR with the assays with only Taq (conventional) and high fidelity (Q5) DNA polymerase. A. Detection of RSV mutants; B. Detection HCoV 229E mutants. The amplified products were detected using 2.5% agarose gel electrophoresis. The arrow highlights the specific product. For other details, please see Figure 3.


National Science and Technology Major Project of China (2017ZX10103009-002 and 2018ZX10101004003001)

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