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Supplementary figs & table - Effective uptake of folate-functionalized ethionamide-loaded hybrid system: targeting alveolar macrophages nnm-2021-0468

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posted on 2022-09-22, 15:56 authored by Priyanka Maurya, Ravi Saklani, Samipta Singh, Raquibun Nisha, Nidhi Mishra, Priya Singh, Ravi Raj Pal, Abhiram Kumar, Manish K Chourasia, Shubhini A Saraf

Aim: To assess the targeting ability of hybrid nanosystems functionalized with folate. It also

aimed to reduce stomach intolerance by substituting the oral route for parenteral delivery. Method:

The nanosystems, prepared by nanoprecipitation technique, utilized a one-step method to prepare

nanoparticles followed by surface functionalization through adsorption. The prepared nanosystems

underwent physical characterization, in vitro and in vivo evaluations. Result: The nanosystems were

effective in targeting the alveolar macrophages. Ethionamide was released from the formulation over

5 days. Fourier-transform infrared results proved the structural characteristics, and the positive charge

further improved the targeting efficacy on the functionalized system. Conclusion: The hybrid formulation

improved the release characteristics. Reduction in dosing frequency due to prolonged release improves

compliance with the dosage regimen.