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Supplementary Tables. Economic analysis of the use of video laryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy in the surgical setting.

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posted on 2021-05-04, 13:45 authored by Marcelo Luizon, Daniela Pereira, VC Sandrim, Ana Palei, Lorena Amaral, Vanessa Belo, Riccardo Lacchini, Ricardo Cavalli, José Tanus-Santos

Supplementary Figure S1. UCSC Genome Browser view of the NAMPT promoter region with the location of the functional SNPs rs59744560 and rs61330082, histone modifications and several ENCODE data. The region shows an enrichment for the active histone mark H3K27ac, the H3K4me3 associated with active promoters, and it has a promoter element identified by GeneHancer (GH07J106281).

Supplementary Figure S2. Linkage disequilibrium among SNPs in the NAMPT promoter region for the East Asian (CHB+JPT) population. The numbers below the rs IDs correspond to the number of SNPs found for this population. Values for pairwise D´ are presented in each box; those without values refer to D´=1. Color scheme: bright red, D′ = 1 and logarithm of odds (LOD) ≥ 2.

Aim: We examined the relationships between visfatin/NAMPT and nitrite concentrations (a marker of NO formation) or sFlt-1 levels in 205 patients with preeclampsia (PE) responsive or nonresponsive to antihypertensive therapy, and whether NAMPT SNPs rs1319501 and rs3801266 affect nitrite concentrations in PE and 206 healthy pregnant women. Methods: Circulating visfatin/NAMPT and sFlt-1 levels were measured by ELISA, and nitrite concentrations using an ozone-based chemiluminescence assay. Results: In nonresponsive PE patients, visfatin/NAMPT levels were inversely related to nitrite concentrations and positively related to sFlt-1 levels. NAMPT SNP rs1319501 affected nitrite concentrations in nonresponsive PE patients and was tightly linked with NAMPT functional SNPs in Europeans. Conclusions: NAMPT SNP rs1319501 and visfatin/NAMPT affect NO formation, sFlt-1 levels, and antihypertensive therapy response in PE.