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Supplementary Table S1. High-throughput phenotyping of cell-to-cell interactions in gel microdroplet pico-cultures

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posted on 2019-04-17, 08:55 authored by Juliette Ohan, Benjamin Pellea, Pulak Nath, J.-H. Huang, Blake Hovde, Momchilo Vuyisich, Armand E.K.Dichosa, Shawn R. Starkenburg

Cell input modifications for GMD capture. Bacterial and algal concentrations were adjusted to cell concentrations OD600, OD750 in 1x PBS and 100 µl of the resultant cell suspension (or 50 + 50 µL for abGMDs) was used as cell input for initial capture in the CelGel Matrix prior to sorting. This ratio of bacteria-to-matrix or algae-to-matrix (# cells/GMD) was verified by microscopy; data not presented. “aGMD” = algae only GMDs, “bGMD” = bacteria only GMDs, “abGMD” = co-captured algal/bacterial GMDs.