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Supplementary Materials. Effects of cardiovascular single pill combinations compared with identical multi-pill therapies on healthcare cost and utilization in Germany.

posted on 2022-03-22, 10:25 authored by Thomas Wilke, Burkhard Weisser, Hans-Georg Predel, Roland E. Schmieder, Sven Wassmann, Anton Gillessen, Jörg Blettenberg, Ulf Maywald, Olaf Randerath, Sabrina Müller, Michael Böhm

Supplemental figure 1: Compares the total number of incapacity days for work per patient year between SPC and MMPC.

Supplemental figure 2: Comparison of medication costs between SPC and MPC.

Supplemental figure 3: Comparison of costs for the cure between SPC and MPC


Funding provided by APONTIS PHARMA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Monheim, Germany.