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Supplementary Material: Infrequent Liver injury From Cemiplimab in Patients with Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

posted on 2022-03-02, 09:53 authored by Robert J. Fontana, Irene Tsung, Ihab Kassab, Linnea Swanson, Francis P. Worden

Supplemental Figure 1. Patient survival after starting cemiplimab immunotherapy for advanced cSCC.

The overall patient survival in the 4 patients who developed liver injury was not significantly different versus those without liver injury. (p = 0.99 Kaplan‐Meier statistics).

Abbreviations: cSCC = cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Supplemental Table 1. Clinical characteristics and outcomes of solid organ transplants recipients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma receiving cemiplimab monotherapy.

Abbreviations: YO = year old; M = male, F = female; irAEs = immune related adverse events