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Supplementary Material: Different clinical significance of novel B7 family checkpoints, VISTA and HHLA2, in human lung adenocarcinoma

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posted on 2022-02-21, 11:50 authored by Long Long, Li Zhang, Yuhang Yang, Yunfeng Zhou, Honglei Chen

Supplementary Figure.1 Volcano plots to determine cut-off points for biomarkers.

Supplementary Figure.2 Expression of VISTA, HHLA2 and PD-L1 proteins in the adjacent noncancerous lung tissues. VISTA and PD-L1 expression was negative in the bronchial epithelium, but HHLA2 expression was positive in the bronchial epithelium (green arrowhead showed) and smooth muscle cells. The three proteins could express in the immune cells such as lymphocytes and macrophages (green arrowhead showed) (original magnification A-F ×200).

Supplementary Figure.3 Comparison of immune biomarkers expression trends between tumor and corresponding normal tissues.

Supplementary Figure.4 ROC analysis of immune biomarkers by overall survival.

Supplementary Table.1 Volcano Plots to determine cut-off points for biomarkers.

Supplementary Table.2 Spearman rank correlation between VISTA, HHLA2, PD-L1 and CD8+ T cell infiltration in the LUAD patients.