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Supplementary Figures – Immunoregulatory Effects of Dental Mesenchymal Stem Cells On T and B Lymphocyte Responses in Primary Sjögrens' Syndrome

posted on 11.01.2022, 09:46 by Figshare Future Science GroupFigshare Future Science Group, Deniz GENÇ, Burcu GÜNAYDIN, Serhat SEZGİN, Akın ALADAĞ, Emine Figen TARHAN

Supplement Figure 1. The flowchart for study design.

Supplement Figure 2. A representative analysis for Dental MSCs. Flow cytometry analysis of DF-MSCs in the third passage is shown. MSCs expressed positive markers (CD29, CD73, CD90 and CD105) over 95%, and negative markers (CD14, CD34, CD45 and HLA-DR) under 2%.

Supplement Figure 3. Fluorescence Minus One (FMO) and Isotype Controls for Flow Cytometry Analysis.