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Supplementary Figures: Bioimprinting: Bringing together 2D and 3D in dissecting cancer biology

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posted on 2021-09-14, 09:17 authored by Makhdoom Sarwar, John J Evans

Supplementary Figure 1: Representative SEM images ovarian cancer cell bioimprints showing the high level of resolution and replication with very robust integrity: SKOV-3 Positive bioimprinted polystyrene (A), SKOV-3 Negative bioimprinted polystyrene (B), OVCAR-8 Positive bioimprinted polystyrene (C), OVCAR-8 Negative bioimprinted polystyrene (D). Scale bar 10 µm.

Supplementary Figure 2: Cartoon illustration of bioimprinting: A brief overview of bioimprinting process showing key steps of the technique.