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Supplementary Figure S3. High-throughput phenotyping of cell-to-cell interactions in gel microdroplet pico-cultures

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posted on 2019-04-17, 08:55 authored by Juliette Ohan, Benjamin Pellea, Pulak Nath, J.-H. Huang, Blake Hovde, Momchilo Vuyisich, Armand E.K.Dichosa, Shawn R. Starkenburg
Post-cultivation targeted FACS enrichment of abGMDs. Control population of cultivated aGMDs (A) and experimental cultivated population of abGMDs (D) using FSC (x-axis; linear scale) versus SSC (y-axis; log scale). (E) Cultivated abGMDs exhibiting chlorophyll autofluorescence higher than that of the cultivated control aGMDs shown in (B) using a 650/50 nm filter (x-axis at logarithmic scale) versus 530/40 nm filter (y-axis at logarithmic scale). (F) Gated selection of cultivated abGMDs exhibiting higher FSC (to distinguish from free algae) and SSC (to distinguish from aGMDs without microcolonies) values than that of the uncultivated controls. (C) Application of the same gating strategy shown in (F) to a cultivated aGMD control.