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Supplementary Figure S1: Comparative in situ hybridization protocols in zebrafish

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posted on 2022-09-06, 09:46 authored by Krista Dunn, Apoorva Vashisht, Dena R. Hammond-Weinberger


Protocol for: Comparative   in situ hybridization protocols in zebrafish

Supplementary   Figure 1. Probes were analyzed for quality on agarose gels and dot blot. A. Cabin1 antisense and   sense probe dilutions (straight probe, 1; 1:5 dilution, and 1:10 dilution)   show clear, discrete bands on a non-denaturing agarose gel. B. Fluorescein (FLU)- and digoxigenin   (DIG)-labeled Cabin1 probe dilutions were spotted in nylon membranes for dot   blot analysis.


This work was funded by the U.S. Department of Education, McNair Grant #P217A090330 to Murray State University, sub award awarded to K. Dunn; and the KY INBRE Investigator Development Award awarded to D.R. Hammond-Weinberger through NIGMS 8P20GM103436.