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Supplementary Figure 3: The Fluorescent Protein Stability Assay (FPSA), an efficient method to monitor intracellular protein stability

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:53 authored by Armelle Roisin, Samuel Buchsbaum, Vincent Mocquet, Pierre Jalinot

Supplementary Figure 3: Effect of pomalidomide on IKZF3 stability. SFFV-GPIKZF3R cells were seeded in a 96 well plate. A: Pomalidomide was added 16 h before collecting cells at 0.03 (green), 0.06 (yellow) and 0.12 (red) µM . DMSO was added in the other wells. The mean of the ratios of RFP to EGFP fluorescence intensities are represented for each well. A clear and reproducible dose-dependent decrease in the amount of IKZF3-RFP was visible. B: examples of the FlowJo plots of RFP and EGFP fluorescences for control (well 11) and the three pomalidomide concentrations (wells 3, 9 and 12).


This work was supported by a grant from Comité départemental de l’Isère de la Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer to P Jalinot. S Buchsbaum was supported by a research fellowship from Fondation de France.