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Supplementary Figure 3: Introducing dendritic cell antibody internalization as an immunogenicity risk assessment tool

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posted on 2022-05-20, 14:13 authored by Rachel Melendez, Benjamin Ordonia, Joyce Guerrero, Azadeh Hassanzadeh, Peter Tran, Justin Low, Manda Wong, Jochen Brumm, Shan Chung, Lynn Kamen


Supplemental Figure 3. Fixation Characterization. To demonstrate that fixation does not interfere with the goat anti-human Alexa-647 antibody to bind to biotherapeutics, DCs expressing PD-L1 were stained with the fluorescence secondary and either analyzed directly on the flow cytometer, or fixed and analyzed on the flow cytometer. The median fluorescence intensity (MFI) was measured and plotted. In the 2 donors tested, there were no differences observed between the fixed and unfixed condition.