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Supplementary Figure 3

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posted on 2019-12-18, 11:19 authored by Ying ZhuYing Zhu, József Mészáros, Roman Walle, Rongxi Fan, Ziyi Sun, Andrew J. Dwork, Pierre Trifilieff, Jonathan A. Javitch
Supplemental Figure. 3. Quantifying the signal of single PLA for A2AR and D2R, and dual PLA for D2R-A2AR, in the NAcc. The numbers of PLA puncta / mm2 were quantified by BOPSS (A-D, data were plotted as mean ± SEM). The fractions of D2R-A2AR dual PLA puncta relative to D2R (E) and A2AR (F) single PLA were calculated with the means in (A-C) and data were plotted as mean ± propagated error. The error was propagated as described in supplemental methods.


This study was supported by MH54137, MH060877 and MH090964.