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Supplementary Figure 2. Gestational Sleep Apnea Perturbations Induce Metabolic Disorders by Divergent Epigenomic Regulation.

posted on 2021-04-30, 13:42 authored by Rene Cortese, Abdelnaby KhalyfaAbdelnaby Khalyfa, Riyue BaoRiyue Bao, David Gozal

Supplementary figure 2. DNA methylation differentiates between the LG-SF, LG-IH and LG-SC/RA groups. A) Samples from the same group displayed high correlation coefficients. Probes with p-value < 0.01 were extracted from the ANOVA results and used for calculating Pearson’s correlation coefficient between samples the LG-SC/RA, LG-IH and LG-SF groups. Correlation coefficients are shown as a color gradient ranging from light blue (0.5) over white (0.75) to light pink (1.0). B) Multiple dimensional scaling plot of sample relationships showing clustering of the samples from the same group. Principal component analysis was performed using microarray data from LG-SF (red points), LG-IH (green points), and LG-SC/RA (blue points) samples. Three principal components determine sample clustering: PC1 (8.7%, x-axis), PC2 (7.1%, y-axis) and PC3 (6.2%, z-axis).


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