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Supplementary Figure 1: The clinical and economic burden of peripheral T-cell lymphoma: a systematic literature review

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posted on 2021-12-01, 16:21 authored by Ajibade O. Ashaye, Heather Burnett, Seye Abogunrin, Hemangi Panchmatia, Olga Ovcinnikova, Mehul Dalal
Supplementary Figure 1. Quality Assessment of RCTs

Abstract: Aims: To understand the burden of treatment-naïve peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL).
Methods: A systematic literature review was conducted in November 2020 following best practice methodology.
Results: Fifty-five clinical studies were included; most investigating CHOP or “CHOP-like” regimens, with combination regimens showing similar effectiveness compared to CHOP alone. Aside from A + CHP, other available treatments showed no statistically significant benefit over CHOP in terms of OS or PFS in overall PTCL. The mean monthly cost per patient in the US ranged from $6,328-$9,356 based on six studies. One economic evaluation demonstrated A+CHP to be a more cost-effective treatment option compared to CHOP.
Conclusion: Further research is needed to understand the humanistic and cost impact of frontline PTCL and specific subtypes.


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