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Supplementary Figure 1: The Fluorescent Protein Stability Assay (FPSA), an efficient method to monitor intracellular protein stability

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:53 authored by Armelle Roisin, Samuel Buchsbaum, Vincent Mocquet, Pierre Jalinot

Supplementary Figure 1: SLBP decreased stability in G2/M synchronized cells. HeLa cell lines including SFFV-GPR-SLBP or SFFV-GPR-SLBPTTAA transgenes were treated with DMSO as control or nocodazole for 11 h. Western blot analysis of these cells with an antibody to SLBP shows a reduced amount of both endogenous SLBP in nocodazole treated cells (upper panel, long exposure) as well as FLAG-RFP-SLBP (middle panel short exposure). The positions of these two proteins are indicated on the right and the positions of the bands of a molecular marker on the left. The membrane was also probed with an antibody to β-actin to monitor loading (lower panel).


This work was supported by a grant from Comité départemental de l’Isère de la Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer to P Jalinot. S Buchsbaum was supported by a research fellowship from Fondation de France.