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Supplementary Figure 1. Development of a motion-based cell-counting system for Trypanosoma parasite using a pattern recognition approach

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posted on 21.03.2019 by Yuko Takagi, Hirokazu Nosato, Motomichi Doi, Koji Furukawa, Hidenori Sakanashi
Supplemental Figure1.
T. cruzi epimastigote cell count estimation by conventional methods. (A)TC20automated cell counter(Bio-Rad, Hercules, California, USA)was used to count rosette-rich epimastigote, according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Actual cell count was determined by using hemocytometer after breaking apart cell aggregates by pipetting and vortexing. Dottedlinerepresentsthetheoreticallineofperfectcorrelationbetweenactual cell counts and machine-estimated cell counts. (B)Fiji-ImageJ software[1] was used to count the same sample as(A),using threshold adjustment and watershed segmentation functions.(C)Cell Profiler Worm Toolbox[2] was used to count the same sample as(A).The same still images used in (B)were analyzed.


Development of a genetic alteration method that contributes to discovery of Chagas' disease drug discovery target

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