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Supplementary Figure 1: Design consideration for point of need devices for COVID-19 diagnostics and beyond

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posted on 2021-08-16, 08:45 authored by Haoqing Zhang, Petr Pajer, Jiří Kudr, Ondrej Zitka, Pavel Neužil

Supplemental Figure 1. (A) Scheme of the sample-to-answer system using either antigen testing by directly introducing the sample into the testing system, processing sample by an automated system with qRT-PCR, or performing step-by-step sample preparation starting with virus lysis and RNA release and then RNA pre-concentration and purification with a qRT-PCR system at the final stage. [Reprinted from TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 130, Hanliang Zhu, Haoqing Zhang, Sheng Ni, Marie Korabečná, Levent Yobas, Pavel Neuzil, the vision of point-of-care PCR tests for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, 115984, Copyright 5057650502939 (2021), with permission from Elsevier] (B) COVID-19 detection probability for qRT-PCR, antigen and antibody tests showing superiority of the qRT-PCR testing method (Inspired by figure 1 in [6]).


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