Supplementary Figure 1: A) XFP maturation kinetics; B) In vivo XFP expression of pre-T cells

Supplemental Figure A. XFP maturation kinetics. XFP expression kinetics (of in vitro cultured R26R-Confetti and wt mice iRV-Cre-GFP transduced or untransduced (ut) LK cells measured over time by flowcytometry.

Supplemental Figure B. In vivo XFP expression of pre-T cells. XFP expression pattern of ex vivo CD3- thymus cells (Pre- T cells) from R26R-Confetti transplant Rag1-/- mouse (concordant to data depicted in Fig. 5D). Brainbow2.1 hrGFPnls is here referred to as nGFP. Exclusion of other XFPs was performed in the gating strategy for every single or combination XFP to ensure pure populations.