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Supplementary Figure 1.

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posted on 2022-02-28, 11:17 authored by Aleksandr A. Gorbunov, Evgeniia P. Sannikova, Irek I. Gubaidullin, Gayane A. Serobyan, Alina Yu. Gorbunova, Anna V. Serkina, Konstantin S. Plokhikh, Roman A. Kamyshinsky, Mikhail F. Vorovitch, Natalia V. Bulushova, Sergei Kuchin, Dmitry G. Kozlov

Figure S1. CryoEM micrographs (A-C), are shown. (A) SUNP(gg); (B) SUNP(ag); (C) His10-SUMO(gg)-PhtD19 reference protein. Scale bars, 100 nm (bottom left in the CryoEM images).


The work was supported by the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” state contract AAAA-A20-120093090015-2