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Supplementary Figure 1

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posted on 2019-12-18, 11:18 authored by Ying ZhuYing Zhu, József Mészáros, Roman Walle, Rongxi Fan, Ziyi Sun, Andrew J. Dwork, Pierre Trifilieff, Jonathan A. Javitch

Supplemental Figure. 1. Sampling procedures for PLA-BF. Luxol fast blue/cresyl violet staining was performed to discriminate between white matter and grey matter (A-C). An outline of ventral striatum sub-territories (D) was drawn based on the stained results of each sample. Overlapping the sampling grid (E) and the outline (D) divided the brain section into several evenly distributed sampling areas (F and G). Within the NAcc, the ROI in this study (G), one counting locus (indicated by * bounded by purple frame in the inset) was selected in each sampling area (indicated by the blue frame in the inset) and the 40x image of this counting locus was exported for quantification (H). A section of (H) is shown at high magnification (I). Scale bar, A-C, 5 mm; H-I, 50 µm.


This study was supported by MH54137, MH060877 and MH090964.