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Supplementary Fig 3 - Collagen fibrous scaffolds for sustained delivery of growth factors for meniscal tissue engineering

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posted on 2022-01-07, 10:02 authored by Jihye Baek, Kwang Il Lee, Ho Jong Ra, Martin K Lotz, Darryl D D’Lima

Supplementary Figure 3. Gene expression of human meniscus and synovial cells cultured without growth factors on heparin conjugated or nonconjugated collagen scaffolds. (a) COL2A1; (b) COL1A1; (c) ACAN; (d) SOX9; (e) COMP; (f) THY-1; (g) CHAD; (h) PDGFRβ; (i) CSPG4; and (j) ACTA2. Gene expression is relative to cells cultured under monolayer conditions. (P <0.05 among experimental groups, two-way ANOVA; and Line= P < 0.05 between groups, Mann Whitney test; *= P < 0.05, **= P < 0.01, ***= P < 0.001, ****= P < 0.0001 between each cell type., Mann Whitney test, n=6)


This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health [P01 AG007996. 2016]; the Shaffer Family Foundation; and by Donald and Darlene Shiley.