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Recent approaches to mRNA vaccine delivery by lipid-based vectors prepared by continuous-flow microfluidic devices - Supporting Informations

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posted on 2022-10-27, 09:01 authored by Mahtab Ghasemi Toudeshkchouei, Atefeh Tavakoli, Hossein Mohammadghasemi, Anita Karimi, Jafar Ai, Mohammad Rabiee, Navid Rabiee


Figure S1. Schematic representation of amino lipids’ formulations for mRNA-LNPs, including cationic/ionizable lipid, helper lipids, cholesterol, phospholipids, and poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG)


Figure S2. Microfluidic-assisted fabrication of LNPs (micromixer principle)


Figure S3. mRNA vaccine engineering by hybridization of mRNA with PEG-OligoRNAs