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Quantification of a promising JNK inhibitor and nitrovasodilator IQ-1 and its major metabolite in rat plasma by LC–MS/MS: Supplementary figures

posted on 2023-01-27, 09:49 authored by Alexander P Lakeev, Galina A Frelikh, Elena A Yanovskaya, Anastasia R Kovrizhina, Vladimir V Udut

Background: IQ-1 is a promising c-Jun-N-terminal kinase inhibitor and nitrovasodilator. An LC–MS/MS

method was validated to determine IQ-1 isomers and major metabolite IQ-18 in rat plasma. Materials

& methods: The analytes were extracted using ethyl acetate. The chromatographic separation was

performed on a C8 column (150 × 4.6 mm, 5 μm) under acetonitrile–water (5 mM ammonium formate

buffer, pH 2.93) gradient elution. Multiple reaction monitoring was used for MS/MS detection in the

positive ion mode. Results: The method was fully validated over the range of 0.1–400 ng/ml (Z-isomer),

0.9–3600 ng/ml (E-isomer), 5.0–4000 (IQ-18). Conclusion: This method has been successfully applied to

pharmacokinetic studies of IQ-1 and IQ-18 in rats after a single oral dose of IQ-1 (50 mg/kg).