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Novel sulonamide-pyridine hybrids; design, synthesis, carbonic anhydrase IX inhibition and cell apoptosis induction - Supplementary material

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posted on 2023-02-10, 09:47 authored by Nashwa H Zaher, Reham MM Elhazek, Ahmed E Gouda, Amira Khalil, Marwa G Elgazzar


Figure S1: HPLC charts for compound 7, A) before irradiation, B) After irradiation


Figure S2: (A) 2D interaction diagram of sulphonamide co-crystallized ligand with CA IX (PDB ID: 7pom). (B) 2D interaction diagram of compound 7 with CA IX (PDB ID: 7pom).

 Figure S3: Effect of compound 7 on MCF-7, T47D, and MDA-MB231 cell migration respectively. Images showed the wound healing progress among the three cell lines at 0,24,48 and 72 h. The double head yellow arrows define the wound areas that lake cells. Wound closure percentages for three cell lines were shown as a Bar chart. As shown compound 7 Decreased cell migration on the three cell lines. 


Spectroscopic Data