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NCALD as a potential predictive biomarker for the efficacy of platinum-based chemotherapy in ovarian cancer - Supplementary Figure 2

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posted on 2022-11-29, 10:04 authored by Sarah M Konrad, Kristina Schwamborn, Achim Kru¨ ger, Katja Honert, Manfred Schmitt, Daniela Hellmann, Barbara Schmalfeldt, Alfons Meindl, Marion Kiechle, Anne S Quante, Christine Brambs, Sabine Grill, Juliane Ramser

Aim: Since reliable response predictors to platinum-based chemotherapy in ovarian cancer (OC) are scarce,

we characterize NCALD as a predictive biomarker. Materials & methods: NCALD mRNA (n = 100) and

protein (n = 102) expression was analyzed in OC samples and associated with patient outcome. A stable

OC cell line knockdown was generated and cellular response to platinum was explored. Results: High

NCALD mRNA and protein expression was significantly associated with longer overall patient survival

(p = 0.037/0.002). Knockdown experiments revealed a significant association between cisplatin sensitivity

and NCALD expression. Conclusion: Low NCALD expression was associated with reduced sensitivity to

platinum-based chemotherapy. NCALD may be a new biomarker candidate to identify patients whomight

benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy.