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Kuwanon X from mulberry leaves exhibits antiviral activity against human adenoviruses: Supplementary figures

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posted on 2023-05-12, 07:29 authored by Chi Li, Jikui Deng, Lifeng Qi

Aim: This study aimed to investigate the anti–adenoviral activity of stilbene derivatives from mulberry

leaves. Materials & methods: The anti–adenoviral activity was tested against adenoviruses -3 and -7

on human airway epithelial cell models. Cytotoxicity was assessed by LDH assay. Adenoviral DNA was

quantified by qPCR. Results: All five tested stilbene derivatives from mulberry leaves exhibited anti–

adenoviral activity, with Kuwanon X showing the highest inhibitory effect. Kuwanon X showed no

apparent cytotoxicity for a wide range of concentrations. The mechanistic study revealed that Kuwanon

X did not affect viral entry and nuclear translocation of the adenoviral genome but reduced viral DNA

production. Conclusion: Stilbene derivatives like Kuwanon X from mulberry leaves are good candidates

for antiviral treatment against AdV.


This work was supported by the Hospital-level project of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (ynkt2020-zz14) and the Shenzhen Fund for Guangdong Provincial High-level Clinical Key Specialties (SZGSP012).


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