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Figure S4: Toward a doxorubicin-loaded bioinspired bone cement for the localized treatment of osteosarcoma.tif

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posted on 2021-07-02, 13:25 authored by Thomas MartinezThomas Martinez, Stéphanie Sarda, Cédric Charvillat, Fabrice Projetti, Agnès Dupret-Bories, Christophe Drouet

Supplementary Figure S4.

XRD data analysis (Cu) at several time points after immersion of the retained ACP/NCA cement formulation in Ringer solution at 37 °C:

Example of XRD pattern for timepoint t = 65 h. The thin line delimits the background line for the amorphous component. The degree of crystallinity, as determined using the Bruker EVA software, is calculated from the fraction in % of crystallized component (sharp peaks) in area units and after subtraction of the amorphous background, over the total peak area.

Evolution of the (002) diffraction line of apatite, centered around 2 = 25.8–25.9°, versus time (0, 1h, 4h, 18h, 24h and 65h).