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Fig S2: Pluronic F127-micelles improve the stability and enhance the anticancer stem cell efficacy of citral in breast cancer.png

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posted on 2021-06-23, 12:44 authored by Marwa M Abu-Serie, Fernanda Andrade, Patricia Cámara-Sánchez, Joaquin Seras-Franzoso, Diana Rafael, Zamira V. Díaz-Riascos, Petra Gener, Ibane Abasolo, Simó Schwartz Jr

Supplementary Figure 2. Impact of Pluronic® F127 on the anticancer potential of citral. Growth inhibition of four different breast cancer cell lines challenged with free citral (FC), citral loaded micelles (CLM), unloaded micelles mixed with citral (M+C), filtrates from CLM (CLM filtrated) and the corresponding control of FC incubated and filtered as the CLM (FC filtrate).


This work was supported by Science, Technology & Innovation Funding Authority (STDF)-Egypt (short term fellowship, No. 24230 to MMA-S) and Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias (FIS, grants PI20/01474 and PI18/00871, to SS and IA, respectively) of Instituto Carlos III (ISCIII), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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