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Efficacy of subcutaneous house dust mite immunotherapy in patients with moderate to severe allergic rhinitis. Supplementary materials

posted on 2022-04-25, 06:59 authored by Jaime Sánchez-López, José Vicente Castelló Carrascosa, Isabela Raducan, Carmen Vidal, Ethel Ibáñez-Echevarría, Antonio Valero


Supplementary Figure 1. CONSORT diagram.


Table S1. Schedule of assessments.   

Table S2. Allergen1 injected in the induction phase (first 8 weeks of treatment).

Table S3. VAS overall score of AR-related symptoms.

Table S4. Average Rhinitis Total Symptom Score (ARTSS).

Table S5. Rescue Medication Score (ARMS).

Table S6. Average total adjusted Symptom Score (AdSS).

Table S7. AR symptoms (TNSS).

Table S8. ESPRINT-15 questionnaire.

Table S9. Skin prick-test. Safety population (N=56).

Table S10. Differences in the SPT with respect to baseline. Safety population.