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EPI-2021-0261 Suppl. fig 3

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posted on 28.09.2021, 15:18 by Figshare Future Science GroupFigshare Future Science Group, Zhongjing Zhang, Percy David Papa Akuetteh, Leilei Lin, Yiyang Wu, Yimeng Li, Weiguo Huang, Haizhen Ni, Heping Lv, Qiyu Zhang

Figure S3: Functional enrichment analyses of FPRGs. (A) The functions of the 45 FPRGs identified cover three main categories: BP, CC, MF; (B) (C) GO cluster plot and chord plot; (E) based on KEGG pathway, three enriched pathways with lowest P-value were displayed; (E) (F) cluster plot and chord plot of three enriched pathways. FPRGs, ferroptosis phenotype related genes; BP, biological processes; CC, cellular contents; MF, molecular functions; GO, gene ontology.